Easter Flops!

How insanely cute are these flip flops that were created today at the store.  I love how she decided to have fun, and make different flowers for each foot.  The Amy butler fabric wrapped around the flips brings the whole thing together.  Awesome!

Hey, who is that little guy in the background?


Another Green Project?

A whole new way to show appreciation for the cycles of Mother Earth for Earth Day.  Try it with this this ingenious kit found on Etsy from AKnitomy.

Mother Earth, We Heart You! (Big Time)

To celebrate the great day, I thought it would be great to visit a local Thrift Shop (or your closet) and think about how you could give some new life to something old.  Men’s shirts are my favorite because of the great colors.  Try this one from Sharon Sews.  You could also turn it into a pillow or beach bag. If you need help come into the store, there is nothing I love more than a repurposing project 🙂