Music Wednesday!

Hey everybody! I think we can all feel spring coming a little closer, and it’s almost time to go out to the beach and have a bowl of delicious ice cream. Here is a tune to blast while driving in the car looking at the sun peeking out more and more. The song is by Empire of the Sun and their new song is called We Are The People. It’s the perfect mix between acoustic sounds and summery pop. Enjoy!

We Are the People by Empire of the Sun


The Baby List

We all know that while pregnant, your memory can get “compromised.”  Unfortunately, it can take a while for that dear memory to make it’s way back.  In the mean time here is some help.  This pouch is big enough to carry wipes, diapers, bottle etc so you can easily transform any bag into a diaper bag.

With printable fabric paper you can design your custom Don’t Forget List.

I made this one is some of the delicious fabrics that have arrived for Spring.