A Crafty Salute to Blissful Royalty

So we all got our Royal dose of romance this morning.  Why not show your laptop or other handheld some posh love with a your own case.  I had fun with the color combination with this one and finished it off with an transfer that I printed using our iron-on sheets.  I love that stuff because the possibilities are really endless!


Music Wednesday!

Hello! It’s that time of the week again… today we bring you a super upbeat song by the Tune-Yards called “Powa”. Starts of fun and slow and turns into the absolute spring hymn. Hope everybody is getting ready to swing by next tuesday for our One Year Anniversary! We are very excited, it will be a day full of free crafts, yummy snacks and of course, Jennifer Paganelli’s book signing of Girl’s World! Yay! Hope to see everybody there, and enjoy the tune.

Powa – TuneYards

Little Crafters x 12!

Yesterday, Make & Mingle took a road trip to a local Elementary school to start a 6 week after-school program.  Our first week’s project was to decorate tote bags.   As you can see the little designers got off to a super banging start.

The rest of the programs includes crafts like hair accessories, tee shirts, fabric hand printed pillows and others!  Can’t wait!

Custom Doll Bed

I made this quite a while ago, but it is still a big favorite with almost all the little (and big) girls who come into the store.  A pretty easy project that can be customized to fit the colors of any girls room.   The amount of fabric used in minimal and the bed itself is a purchase that is easy on the wallet and standard issue at IKEA.

In the end the bed is so much more special (and cheaper) that the ones from our dearest doll company.

Family Ties

Here are my two treasures mid-afternoon enjoying some of their Easter score.  The tie my little guy is wearing was a quick project I put together after seeing a super cute blog tutorial from See Kate Sew.  A fun project for your little guy.

Flowers & Ham

It’s Easter.  Yay!  A holiday that is about new life, pastel colors, chocolate, and bunnies, what is there not to love? Here are our going ons for the holiday.  Fabric flowers that I made yesterday at the store, and a recipe for a baked ham from Ina Garten that is roasting in the oven (smells insanely good).  Crafty Deliciousness.

Pillowcase Redo

Here is one last great repurposing project for Earth Day from Team Martha. This little beauty could be put together in less than hour with any lonely pillowcases you have sitting in your linen closet.

Easter Flops!

How insanely cute are these flip flops that were created today at the store.  I love how she decided to have fun, and make different flowers for each foot.  The Amy butler fabric wrapped around the flips brings the whole thing together.  Awesome!

Hey, who is that little guy in the background?

Another Green Project?

A whole new way to show appreciation for the cycles of Mother Earth for Earth Day.  Try it with this this ingenious kit found on Etsy from AKnitomy.

Mother Earth, We Heart You! (Big Time)

To celebrate the great day, I thought it would be great to visit a local Thrift Shop (or your closet) and think about how you could give some new life to something old.  Men’s shirts are my favorite because of the great colors.  Try this one from Sharon Sews.  You could also turn it into a pillow or beach bag. If you need help come into the store, there is nothing I love more than a repurposing project 🙂