Vintage Goodness

Yesterday, a customer came in for a sewing lesson and brought this beauty in to learn on.  She had it sitting around for a few years at home.  Originally,  it belonged to her grandma.  I was already in love when I saw the adorable case that it came with.

After a bit fiddling with the threading and bobbin we finally got a pretty decent stitch going so we set about making a pillow case.  Not only did the pillowcase turn out awesome, it is even more special since it was put together with a bit of history


Praline Deliciousness….

Making this now.  Serious Yummm Factor.  Although, kinda moving in the other direction from making the slip dress fit.  But so worth it!

Thank you Paula for this one.

Elizabeth, we love you!

“Cat on a hot tin roof” really is my all time favorite film, and I am not just saying that because we lost the amazing Elizabeth.  It seriously always was and always will be my favorite.  The part in the beginning where her and  Paul Newman go at each other and she is in that insanely cute slip dress is cinematic history.

So, thought it would be nice to pay homage to the great dame and the film by sewing a little slip dress for summer.  OK, not that we can fill it out like her, and to be honest I could not even think of squeezing my huge belly in one right now, still I am dying to give it a go and sport mine with some simple flips once baby is born.

Rent the film to get inspired and start up the old machine!

Here is one that we spotted on the fancytiger site using an Anna Maria Horner pattern.