Last Music Wednesday of 2010!

I hope all of you who check our blog weekly enjoy the tunes every Wednesday. So to celebrate the end of a great year, I decided to post a little playlist of songs that I enjoyed most in 2010. Feel free to download the tracks and listen to them while creating!

So here you go, greatest hits of 2010:

  1. Wide Eyes- Local Natives

2. Home – Edward Shape & the Magnetic Zeroes

3. Ready to Start – Arcade Fire

4. Soldier On – Temper Trap

5. In the waiting line – Zero 7

6. Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa – Vampire Weekend

7. Shape of my heart – Noah and the Whale

8. Blood Bank – Bon Iver

9. Odessa – Caribou

10. White Winter Hymnal – Fleet Foxes



New Craft!

A super cute addition to our Craft & Play area of the store! Come and make this adorable water bottle holder anytime.

Personalize it and make it your own!

Monogram Mania

For my little guys teacher’s Christmas gift it was obvious that I wanted to give something made with with thread and fabric….  I know we all love a monogram so decided to turn out these little pouches for the amazing women that make the little tots happy day in and day out.

Music Wednesday!

Hello everyone! So over the last week we’ve discovered an up and coming artist, Cathy Davey. She’s already a hit in her hometown Dublin, Ireland but look out for her cause I bet she’ll be loved here in America. I picked one of her best songs “Little Red”.

This time I attached the music video just because it’s that great.

Enjoy !

Music Wednesday!

This Wednesday we’ve got something you call a mash-up in the music world. I bet everyone’s familiar with American Pie by Don McLean and Dogs Days are over by Florence + The Machine. In this song, both songs are “mashed together” to make one fabulous tune.



Paper-licious Beauties from Jenny Monks!

A couple of months ago a super sweet customer came into the store with her niece who was on a  visit from Ireland .  We got to talking and she humbly mentioned that she did some mixed media pieces.  I asked for some pictures and was lucky enough to receive these images of her little beauties.
It is hard to not fall in love with these gorgeous pieces.  Enjoy!

All I want for Christmas is…felt!

Today we have another felt project for you – felt gingerbread ornaments from the lovely Creature Comforts. Imagine how cute these would be as a garland or as a gift tie on presents! This is a great project for kids – felt couldn’t be easier!

Crafty Christmas Countdown!

Our gift to you this Christmas is a fun sort of advent calendar! Each day we’ll be putting up some sort of tutorial so you can keep crafting all Christmas season. Today we have two (I’m sure we’ve all had at least one of those days where we forget to open the advent calendar and get the lovely surprise of two chocolates the next day…)

First is a cute tutorial on how to make petal tees from Ruffles and Stuff. Her little girl may just be even more adorable than her amazingly cute projects.

The next project makes my fingers itch to do some embroidery! I cannot think of a cuter way to make an advent calendar (from the blog Allsorts)

So come grab some white felt and embroidery supplies at M&M and get to work before it’s too late!