Paper + Stitches = Super cuteness

Here is craft that came from a super blog design sponge that was recommended to me by two favorite people.  I love everything on her blog and especially this great craft for the holidays that combines my two loves….paper and stitches.  A great way to use little scraps to make the cutest holiday greeting ever.





Music Wednesday!


Here’s a new tune just in time for the holiday! A great song by Florence + The Machine called “You’ve got the Love”.

Keep sewing (:

You’ve got the love – Florence and the Machine

Make your own Lace Flower!

Hey guys! Check out this awesome video tutorial! Learn to make your own lace flower for the holidays, it takes less than five minutes. Thanks to Cristal


Getting Crafty @ Westport Library

Last weekend Make  Mingle was on the program to make cute up some Tees at the Westport library with local tweens and teens.  There was a great turnout and the results were amazing.  Together with some fabric bits, lace, ribbon buttons, studs and a whole line up of appliques these girls pulled out all the tricks and made some amazing fashion statements!

Pretty & Personalized

Something pretty and sparkly to make at our bead bar.  These were made a for a customer for her daughter in laws (lucky girls).  Besides putting in names of loved ones (including self) think of the cute phrases you could write…. i.e Peace Now, Come Together, Let it Be, Forever Young etc.

New Reasons to Stitch…

Meet Mollie’s “Wild Olive” a super sweet collection of adorable designs to transfer and embroider.  Each collection is more cute than the next.  I am particularly in love with her Swedish inspired Jarnots (sp?) which I think would be perfect match for onesies and such.  I decided to do a few from her “take-out” package and embroider them on a little snack bag.  Come in an check them out.  The perfect way to personalize a cute holiday gift.



Ballerina Flat Redo

A super cute GFA student came in to do a craft.  She liked the ballet flats that we have to decorate so we set about planning possible ideas.  It was decided that these cute tartan flowers would be a perfect match to the schools uniform, so with needle, thread and some adorable vintage buttons she went to town.  Now how over-the-mountain-insanely cute is that!

P.S. From Halloween


Here is a little costume that was put together in the Make & Mingle workshop. Needless to say it is brought to level of super cuteness by the adorable owner.   I think the real Pippi is looking on from Villa Villekulla in absolute envy.