Sentimental Lining…

Recently, I was going through some things in the basement and sadly realized that because of a leak a box of near and dear linens were more or less ruined.  One of the items was a beautiful toile pillowcase that a friend had given me years ago, and I had since brought half way around the globe…  Even after a good wash, the pattern was too faded for display.  So in a spirit of the whole lemons and lemonade thing I decided on a project that would still keep the beloved piece near.  I made a small pillow and used the faded toile as a lining for the pillow back.  A win win for all.

Think of the possibilities…..  maybe using an old but loved blanket, shirt or t-shirt to line a little purse or bag. So maybe not on the forefront but still there as an old secret friend.



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