A Creative-Cute Phenomena!

There is an interesting phenomena that I have discovered during our birthday parties and Ladies night outs evenings…  There is always one girl who blurts out the words “I am so NOT creative!”  Then, reluctantly she puts her hands to some fabric and start the project at hand.  The funny thing is that this  unwitting darling is always the one who turns out the most adorable and insanely cute project, whether a make-up bag, tote or t-shirt.  This little chica was no exception,  At Tessa’s birthday she put together this t-shirt that was envied by all,  both for the cute-factor and the timeless message.


Music Wednesday!

Sew it

Stitch it

Rock it

Coin Laundry – Lisa Mitchell

Sentimental Lining…

Recently, I was going through some things in the basement and sadly realized that because of a leak a box of near and dear linens were more or less ruined.  One of the items was a beautiful toile pillowcase that a friend had given me years ago, and I had since brought half way around the globe…  Even after a good wash, the pattern was too faded for display.  So in a spirit of the whole lemons and lemonade thing I decided on a project that would still keep the beloved piece near.  I made a small pillow and used the faded toile as a lining for the pillow back.  A win win for all.

Think of the possibilities…..  maybe using an old but loved blanket, shirt or t-shirt to line a little purse or bag. So maybe not on the forefront but still there as an old secret friend.


A Music Wednesday Goodie!

I wish I could say that I am the one who is on the pulse of all this ridiculously great and vibey music – but I am afraid it is not me but our in-house DJ Tessa.  I am absolutely obsessed with this tune from Frazey Ford “Bluestreak Mama.”

We are in the process of setting up a mini-cafe with delicious goodies and sweet sips for the weekends – the pic is inspiration for the new space to come.

Blue Streak Mama – Frazey Ford

New Oliver & S Fabrics!

How gorgeous are these new Oliver & S fabrics.  My ind is bursting with all the things to make with them.  Besides their beautiful signature patterns I want to make loads of sweet pajamas for everyone to ease us into the cold weather ahead. YUM!

M&M’s Fashionista

Tom Tom (our NYU graduate Brooklyn boy-ueber-cool-import) has been busy putting his touch on the store.  Here is his newest addition to our window display.  Absolutely love her and aspire to be her Bestie, so that one day sshe could possible tell me how to get my look together.  Check out our new Fall Fashion classes coming in November.

Music Wednesday!

Today we have a super punky song by the fabulous Grace Potter. This tune will get you in the perfect mood to make some delicious crafts. Listen, and get inspired! Enjoy!

Paris (Oh La La) – Grace Potter & the Nocturnals

We Made it! – Ladies Nite Out…

On a Saturday night with the help of some cool tunes and candle light the store was transformed into a swanky hang-out space.  After a little bubbly these girls set out to the task at hand; make quilt squares for the special guest of the evening.  So with appliques and other decorative elements quilt rectangles were made.  As you can see each one is as gorgeous as the next.  All in all a great nigh

Music Saturday!

We missed our Music Wednesday so decided why not throw out a tune a Saturday morning. To celebrate this amazing sunshine that has made it’s way through after all of those rainy nights.  Even if you don’t get round to actually doing a project today maybe just a take a minute to think about something stitch related that you plan to conquer in the near future.

Train Song – Feist & Ben Gibbard