Button Me Up!

Keeping with last week’s topic of Fall’s trend of extravagant embellishment, This week I thought it would be a good idea to bring up buttons. In addition to their obvious purpose, buttons can be used to kick things up a notch. For example, changing the buttons on a jacket, changes the whole garment. Look at Peggy Moffit in her Rudi Gernreich coat. Without those brilliant big buttons, it would be a tent rather than a historical fashion piece. Even the location of where you sew your buttons defines it (i.e. military coats, blazers, henleys, etc.). Some ideas you can think about are contrasting the colors of the fabric and the buttons (See Ms. Olsen in Balenciaga blazer ca. 2008) , putting them in unusual places as decoration…  The Burberry Trench Coat is a classic when it comes to being defined by their double-breasted button placement.

I recently found enough Chanel buttons at a thrift shop to turn my second-hand velvet embossed tuxedo jacket into the most lush Chanel knock-off ever (at least the buttons are authentic). My most current DIY project, though, is creating the overlapping button cuff on from this season’s Burberry Prorsum collection onto an old trench in my closet.

Beads are another similar bunch of details to think about too. They can serve the same function as a button, but more excitingly they have the ability to be FAR more ornate. Sewing the right pattern of beads onto the back of a blazer in just the place can refresh the piece (aka new blazer) and accentuate (or even slim) your figure.  Just look at the picture from the ELLE editorial or my very own TOPMAN coat for starters. More importantly, the varieties of crystals, vivid colors, and infinite room for detailing are the things decadence are made of. So come on and indulge!


Classes are coming very soon that will teach you the basics of buttons & how to make your own trendsetting buttoned/beaded piece. Just check for an updated class schedule soon.


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