The Ultimate Prepster

This doll came in for our Pretty Prepster class.  The girls basically got prepped for the school year by making a skirt and messenger bag.  How much do I love how her smart uniform is getting an extra fashion boost by her Sew-Sweet creation.  The ambitious has not stopped there, we are both now in the midst of finishing off Jennifer Paganelli’s Tunic pattern.  Can not wait to see the finished result…


Little Crafter Gone Rogue!

Unfortunately, we sometimes assume (wrongly) that little boys are not so much into the whole fabric and crafting thing as girls.  That is why I love it when a mom (or dad) brings in their little guy for a little creative down time.  This guy came in for his sister’s birthday party. As you can see besides being insanely cute, he is also insanely talented.  He really took the bag and made it his own, and there is no doubt in the world that it is a “guy thing.”

Button Me Up!

Keeping with last week’s topic of Fall’s trend of extravagant embellishment, This week I thought it would be a good idea to bring up buttons. In addition to their obvious purpose, buttons can be used to kick things up a notch. For example, changing the buttons on a jacket, changes the whole garment. Look at Peggy Moffit in her Rudi Gernreich coat. Without those brilliant big buttons, it would be a tent rather than a historical fashion piece. Even the location of where you sew your buttons defines it (i.e. military coats, blazers, henleys, etc.). Some ideas you can think about are contrasting the colors of the fabric and the buttons (See Ms. Olsen in Balenciaga blazer ca. 2008) , putting them in unusual places as decoration…  The Burberry Trench Coat is a classic when it comes to being defined by their double-breasted button placement.

I recently found enough Chanel buttons at a thrift shop to turn my second-hand velvet embossed tuxedo jacket into the most lush Chanel knock-off ever (at least the buttons are authentic). My most current DIY project, though, is creating the overlapping button cuff on from this season’s Burberry Prorsum collection onto an old trench in my closet.

Beads are another similar bunch of details to think about too. They can serve the same function as a button, but more excitingly they have the ability to be FAR more ornate. Sewing the right pattern of beads onto the back of a blazer in just the place can refresh the piece (aka new blazer) and accentuate (or even slim) your figure.  Just look at the picture from the ELLE editorial or my very own TOPMAN coat for starters. More importantly, the varieties of crystals, vivid colors, and infinite room for detailing are the things decadence are made of. So come on and indulge!


Classes are coming very soon that will teach you the basics of buttons & how to make your own trendsetting buttoned/beaded piece. Just check for an updated class schedule soon.

These two gorgeous dames came in for a semi-private “Learn 2 Sew” class.  I always like some sort of simple project to walk the students through the basics of sewing, and also basically so the new sewers can walk out of the store with something in their hands.  Since these girls are true-blue “Green Revolutionaries” they decided to make grocery tote to recycle & re-use.  As you can see the bags were a slamming success! Pretty darn great for a first project.

Hadley Spagna Rocks!

Obviously, there are some fun things about being in a fabric store – the pretty fabrics, pretty patterns, getting to see kids make adorable creations and helping adults get their “craft on.”  But, really what I consider the biggest perk is meeting fabulous people that you otherwise might not of.  One such example was meeting Hadley.  She walked in with her daughter and then I got a chance to see her site, I was immediately blown away!  Her work is amazing.  Now on her second visit she took these gorgeous pictures.  I feel so absolutely privileged to have come into contact with her.  So now, I am just waiting for the special occasion to come up so that Hadley can do her magic, and bit of my life can be “photo-glorified”.

Mustache Obsession – Part Deux

A while back we had a fun Tee-shirt Birthday party.  The girls learned to do appliques and each girl went home with a self-designed tee.  With a combination of appliques, lace, studs, pearls and other pieces of hardware each shirt was as individual as its creator.  As you see, there is my new “Bestie” Mr. Mustache – oh how I love that guy!

Music Wednesday!

Here’s a wonderful & calm cover of the song Lovefool originally by the Cardigans, covered by the Morning Benders. Take some time out of your busy days, sit down with some fabric flowers and enjoy the cozy warmth of your house as the weather gets colder. Enjoy! (:

My Mustache Obsession…

Goodness only know how something like this happens.  Somebody thinks of placing an absolutely random object like a mustache on a t-shirt or bag and before you know it, it’s everywhere.  I laughed the first couple of times I saw it and then before you know I was a woman obsessed and have been putting it everywhere….  Needless to say the glasses thing is right on the same line so have also be plastering them here there and everywhere, including this little laptop case that I made for our Back to School Survival Class….

Pretty in Blue!

Besides being ridiculously beautiful, this girl is also ridiculously talented.  She first came in to celebrate her birthday with some friends and they turned out some of the coolest tee shirts I have ever seen.  Soon after that she came for some private sessions in order to sew this baby-doll pattern from Jennifer Paganelli and the Scientific Seamstress – Carla.  All her work paid off to make this amazing vision in blue!