New Fashion-DIY Fridays!

A while ago, an amazing breeze flew into our store in the shape of a 6 foot 7″ NYU art student – Thomas Tomczak, affectionally known to us as TOM TOM.  Through the months, this amazingly talented “Tour de Force” has been working with us and brought a fresh new eye on our projects and store space.  I have been hoping that he would lend his modern touch of fashion savvy to our blog and class schedule.  Here is the first of his weekly additions to our blog – his hipster new classes will be coming soon in the fall.

There’s no time like the new Fall season. Cool breezes, fresh trends, and time to spruce up your wardrobe. Fall trends for 2010 are enough to make you squeal. Designers spared no expense in embellishing collections with everything from furs, exotic leathers, to surprising color palettes, both bold reds and elegant neutrals.

Unfortunately, unless you have literally about a million saved up to buy a whole new fall look, you’re going to have to improvise. Thankfully, patchwork on both leggings and jeans are still in. So DIY and come over to gather a choice of fabrics (maybe a charm pack lots of different patterns) get whatever textured embellishments  you love. Using a little bit of wonder-under to adhere the fabrics to your plain old legging and jeans. Contrast the textures for a fresh new vibe, like suede iron-on patches on your black plain cotton leggings!

Look to designers like Balmain, Chanel, Alexander Wang, and Cheap Monday among others for more inspiration.  Don’t forget we’re here to help you take it to the next level if you REALLY want to get into it.

More DIY for Fall 2010 Trends to come next week…

PS: Here’s a tune for extra inspiration

White Rabbit – Jefferson Airplane


One thought on “New Fashion-DIY Fridays!

  1. thomas, the portraitist I described is Till Freiwald. I saw a show at jack shainman gallery but here is a link to a 2004 show:

    There is a special quality about the drawing in the work that gives the portraits, as precise as they are, a nebulous, ambiguous glow as though they were constructed from morphed photos of similar people.

    this is the movie also released with the french title, sequins from 2004

    I did find a few of your paintings, and I really l liked them.

    I thought you might like Don Nice’s work, he stacks images in watercolor and calls them predellas.

    Also, you must know, but if you don’t,…

    if by some chance you aren’t aware, you might like it.

    Steve diet gedes, the photographer, shot lots of models in puimond.

    And I gave you the wrong spelling on Goode…

    it is jean-paul goude

    hope to see you soon,


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