Sewing Superstar x 4!

Originally, I had wanted to make a weekly feature on the blog titled “Sewing Superstar Tuesdays.”  Basically, because I am lucky enough to see all the great and creative projects that customers bring in and I am thinking “I desperately need to share all of these.”

But here comes the dilmena – today I had 3 private lessons and each one turned out the most fantastic projects, and there was no way in the world that I could wait until next Tuesday!  So here they are. The first project is from Abi – she made a beautiful pillow to match a quilt in her room that was actually made by amazing Nancy. Then we had Edi Ray who together with her mom made a gorgeous tee with a reverse applique method that we are featuring in a class this month on the 15th (again with our fab Nancy)!

Our last two sewing sensations (Isabella & Courtney)  made these insanely cute skirts that I know they will rock the rest of the summer into the school year.  You girls are too fantabulous!!!


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