Yummy Monthly Giveaway!

We have now been in town for over half a year, and happy to say that we are feeling like a part of the community. Big huge shout out to all of you.  We want to say thank you with a sweet give-away.  To be the best neighborhood fabric store, we really want to hear from you.  Tell us what you want to see more or less of at M&M.  Submit your comments to info@makeandmingle.com and we will pick a winner at random by Aug 31st.  You must be able t0 pick up prize at store. See you soon!


2 thoughts on “Yummy Monthly Giveaway!

  1. This is in response to your request for comments:
    I think your concept is unique and in demand. There is something about wanting a hands on experience and creating something of your own from scratch. Your sewing classes really give people a really useful skill. I would like to see your shop become more full service – lots of great quilting fabrics and notions (like fabric tree in Danbury) and keep the classes coming from 1 session (like placemats, a purse, etc.) to multi sessions (a quilt, jacket, etc.)

  2. I stumbled upon your store two days ago and was excited to see the perfect place to bring my daughters! They have decided of course to be “fashion” designers this month(they’re 7 & 9) and now we can get a hands on feel for what its like! And I can maybe take a stab at making something too! And by the way your studio is adorable!

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