Button, Button – Who’s got the Button?

Now, there must be something in the air. Since we have opened the beading bar, there has a been a handful of customer who have combined our leather bands with the vintage buttons.  I absolutely loved this one, especially how she combined both silver and gold buttons so she can wear all her fun jewelry  at once.


An Ode to Mrs. Kahlo

This little darling has been a few times in the store and each time she manages to turn out one project cuter than than the last.  Already at 6, she has a personal style that can fill many an adult with envy.  When she came in to make this headband, she made the announcement at the onset that she wanted to cover her band in flowers. If there was any doubt in my mind in less than 45 minutes it was removed.  Between her and her mom, a simple headband was transformed into a glorious garden of jewel-toned roses!  It was the perfect addition to her adorable señorita dress!


New Fashion-DIY Fridays!

A while ago, an amazing breeze flew into our store in the shape of a 6 foot 7″ NYU art student – Thomas Tomczak, affectionally known to us as TOM TOM.  Through the months, this amazingly talented “Tour de Force” has been working with us and brought a fresh new eye on our projects and store space.  I have been hoping that he would lend his modern touch of fashion savvy to our blog and class schedule.  Here is the first of his weekly additions to our blog – his hipster new classes will be coming soon in the fall.

There’s no time like the new Fall season. Cool breezes, fresh trends, and time to spruce up your wardrobe. Fall trends for 2010 are enough to make you squeal. Designers spared no expense in embellishing collections with everything from furs, exotic leathers, to surprising color palettes, both bold reds and elegant neutrals.

Unfortunately, unless you have literally about a million saved up to buy a whole new fall look, you’re going to have to improvise. Thankfully, patchwork on both leggings and jeans are still in. So DIY and come over to gather a choice of fabrics (maybe a charm pack lots of different patterns) get whatever textured embellishments  you love. Using a little bit of wonder-under to adhere the fabrics to your plain old legging and jeans. Contrast the textures for a fresh new vibe, like suede iron-on patches on your black plain cotton leggings!

Look to designers like Balmain, Chanel, Alexander Wang, and Cheap Monday among others for more inspiration.  Don’t forget we’re here to help you take it to the next level if you REALLY want to get into it.

More DIY for Fall 2010 Trends to come next week…

PS: Here’s a tune for extra inspiration

White Rabbit – Jefferson Airplane

Magic Pillow

This little half pint of adorable-ness walked into the store on the weekend, then came in again to get her craft on with a mini-pillow.  After much careful thought about fabric choices, she decided on this gorgeous Jennifer Paganelli fabric.  We finished it off with a super cute woof-woof applique on top of a very useful pocket.  Our little designer is still losing a few teeth so we are thinking that the pocket will come in handy to leave a note and tooth for the little fairy. Then hopefully wake up with a little something special in the pocket. How magical is that!

Music Wednesday!

The cold and rainy weather lately might inspire some of us to stay inside and do a little crafting. You know, maybe pick up a pretty pastel thread, a little piece of fabric and an embroidery hoop. So,  you’re sitting down and enjoying the coziness of the indoors, listen to this wonderful song by Iron & Wine called “Flightless Bird, American Mouth”. It’s the perfect mix between precious vocals and a wonderful acoustic guitar. Enjoy!

All A-board!

For some reason, there is nothing better than a girl with a plan, and believe me as far as “girls-with-plans” go this little darling was like no other.  Kind and sweet in manner, she was determined in her style, and in the end the determination paid off. She turned out this beautiful memory board for her room.   After getting down the basic design, she added a little bit of this and little bit of that to make something that was super unique. What I loved the most – it is wonderfully practical for the new school year ahead!

Too-Cute Tunic

Here is one of the most stellar moments of having our store.  It is one thing  to see a bright, cute and eager girl walk in the doors wanting to learn to sew, but the thing that really twirls your world upside down is…  Seeing her walk out two days later with the most adorable tunic that she sewed all alone with just a little bit of guidance.  A Jennifer Paganelli original pattern, I have to admit that already while we were putting the final touches on,  I was planning  the 2 or 3 that I wanted to sew up for fall with our yummy fabrics.

Obviously, this needed to be a new class and it coming to Make & Mingle in October.  Check out the new class schedule for details!

Not just Embroidery!

Those of you who have been in the store know that we are located right next door to one of the coolest hairdressers in town “Chez Shay.”  Not only is she super sweet and her studio is ridiculously cool and pretty – but she also gives awesome haircuts.  OK, but what does the ueber-cool hairdresser have to do with crafts?  Well the other day Shay herself came into to ask me about getting this awesome drawing that she had drawn made into a stamp.  I gave her what ideas I had, but was so smitten with the drawing that I asked for a copy and decided to make her this little pouch.  It is lined with our black and white Kokka skull fabric to for that extra edge.   I am so into embroidery now (especially with the new metallic embroidery flosses that we got in last week), that I think that I have to make a class.  New schedule coming soon!

Tunes to Sew By!

I think it’s safe to say that sometimes we all need to let go  – what better way than letting it out with creative surge. Basically, a t-shirt, some scissors and any other odds and ends you can find.  Before you know it a change has taken place!

That’s why this week’s song is an upbeat tune by the Black Keys called “Chop & Change.” No need to hit the stores, take something you already have  – chop and change and a new wardrobe is on it’s way.

Rocker Chick!

This is a dear friend of ours visiting all the way from Germany.  After a couple of days of hanging in the store  – she set to do a project of her own.  It was obvious that this “Mädchen” who is a big time music-phile would have to incorporate her love for music into her sewing – and as you can see she did.  How cool is that pillow?!  Clean, simple and absolutely rockin’