Girls on a Mission

Earlier this month we had our “Beach Babe” class.  Mission: make an adorable sundress and matching beach bag.  These 4 girls were totally up to the task.  After 4 days of measuring, cutting, pinning, sewing and ironing the results were in.  4 cute dresses and 4 super carry-alls.  It was so much fun, that we are running the class again in August under the name of “Pretty Prepster.” We are just replacing the sundress for a cute tunic (to wear over jeans & leggings) and the beach bag for a utilitarian messenger bag.


Kitchen Cutie

This is the daughter of an amazing customer of ours. She took a private lesson a while back  – not knowing a thing about sewing.  Flash forward a few months and she has been banging out the cutest little dresses and tops for her little girls like there is no tomorrow. Now her skill is truly mind-boggling.  This is one of her projects using a pattern she found on-line (will find out and post later).  The fabric is a fun Alexander Henry that we especially love to use at our birthday parties.  Thanks for Sharing – super cute.  Especially over-the-top adorable model.


Did you ever walk through J.Crew, and picked up one of their fabulous embellished and studded t-shirts? We did. So we thought, why not make our own? And as you can see, we did. It all starts with a cheap cheap cheap v-neck tee (ours from Forever 21), that you simply decorate with some ribbon, fabric flowers, sequins and vintage buttons. The best thing about this? You can do it in less than 30 minutes. And as soon as you walk out that front door, people will be asking you non-stop “OMG where did you get that?” and you will proudly respond “I made it.”

I am thinking this would be a great afternoon project – you bring the tee, and we will provide the fixings.

Music Wednesday

Somehow there is nothing better than finally getting a moment to sit down with your project du jour and enjoying a relaxing moment with your favorite tunes melting away in the background. So we thought it would be nice to throw out some of our most loved tunes on a weekly basis. This week we chose The Bird and Bee’s cover version of “Rich Girl.” So grab that piece of fabric, felt or bowl of beads and let the stitches fly and the mood flow…

Sew techie!

I’ve had my techie hat on these past couple of days as we’ve been updating our website…check it out for a new look, the latest classes and more! But of course, with my face stuck to the computer, my hands were itching for a sewing project. So I kept with the electronics theme and made a new embroidered iphone case!

I embroidered with one of our pretty pink flosses and a new forest friends sublime stitching pattern (check out all of our new ones in the store… The “crafty girl” patterns are definitely calling my name!)

All I needed to put together the case was some adorable Jennifer Paganelli fabric, Amy Butler’s Sandalwood fabric for lining, some batting and a teeny bit of elastic. Once I get a button to close it with it’ll be all set! Easy as pie 🙂 if you need extra help try a private lesson! Once you get this down you can do a lined tote, a laptop case…so many possibilities!